Sunday, January 30, 2011

Violet's Ice Cream Parlour

Violet's birthday party was a fun night of ice-cream, hot chocolate, presents, family, and fun. Violet had mixed emotions about some of evening's activities, though. For example, Violet didn't nap the whole day and was a little overwhelmed when guests started to arrive, as her picture with my Mom will show! But then, Uncle Josh came and redeemed himself for giving her a scary penguin toy at Christmas with his giant teddy bear, which she loved. It was no big surprise that she loved the doggy bank that Grandma Stowell gave her, too. Notice the big kiss she gives the dog on the nose in the pictures! Yes, I'm jealous of that stupid dog! Also, Vi didn't love her sparkler candle that I put on her cake. In fact, she was a little terrified of it! I thought it was a great idea since I knew she wouldn't blow out a candle. Once it was removed, she dug right into her cake and got nice and messy, as every 1 year old birthday girl should.


Season said...

So cute Cherissa! What a yummy and fun party. And that is a HUGE bear!

off woodland lane said...

Hi! You left a comment on my blog about the big armoire I repainted. I actually took the doors off. When I purchased the piece the top doors were off anyway. The doors to my armoire were attached to the hinges with nails, so when I put it back together I just used matching screws. I saw this exact armoire on another blog, too. I think it was She just taped over everything and didn't even paint the inside. Her's looked fine. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will look great! Jill :)

laura said...

looks like such an adorable party. violet is a doll. looks so much like you!!