Thursday, October 09, 2008

Grace's Birthday Tutu

Bret and I absolutely adore our niece, Grace Mead. She is the most beautiful little five year old, is really smart, and is incredibly entertaining. For her birthday this month, I decided to get my "craft on" and make her a birthday tutu. As I began to make it, experimenting as I went, the tutu gradually got bigger and bigger. By the time I finished, the tutu was a giant poof of pink and brown tulle. I figured that Grace, who follows the Stowell girl mold of being petite, would just drowned in it. But when we gave it to her on her birthday, she looked darling! Grace wore it while she opened her presents and had cake and ice-cream. When she finally stood up, the back of the tutu was folded up and made her look like a little turkey!

For anyone that wants to get their "craft on" and make a tutu, let me know and I can fill you in on some helpful tips that I've learned!