Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BFF Wish List - Tag

Today Bret and I were chatting on IM and our conversation developed into our best friend wish list. I thought this would make a pretty fun tag! So for anyone who wants to join in, please do so. I will post ours and can't wait to read yours. The rules are you get to choose three people who you wish were your best friend and why. You can take it serious or, as I have, not so serious. Enjoy!

1. Ari Gold (a fictional character from Entourage)
"Because he is hilarious!"
2. Rory Mcilroy (19 year old professional golfer from Europe)
"Because he has made over 2 mil. as a golfer, and he is only 19!"
3. Justin Timberlake
"Because he is the king of cool."

1. Russell Brand
"I'd like to try to fix him and fail trying. Cute accent and freaking hilarious"
2. Michelle Obama
"Politics aside, she is super accomplished and seems to have it all together."
3. Amy Poehler
"After I saw her do the 'Palin Rap,' I wanted to be her."

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dogs CAN Get Offended

Pita, our four year old Golden Lab, is very sensitive and loving. When she feels rejected, her feelings get crushed. This is a picture of her being offended by me last Saturday night. Seriously, this happens everytime we let her hang out with us in the house, but this time I had my camera handy. So, I was sitting on the couch working on my lesson for Laurels class on Sunday. Pita kept laying her face across my laptop keyboard so I would stop typing and pet her. I pushed her away so many times I lost my patience and yelled at her to lay down on her dog bed. As ALWAYS, she laid down, tucked in her tail, turned her back on me, and did these noisy sighs, and huffs and puffs until I went and petted her as an apology. Bret likes to describe her as his clingy teenage girlfriend, because that is seriously how she acts with us!