Thursday, January 20, 2011

Violet: A Cause for Celebration

One year has passed since beautiful Violet joined our family. I am amazed at how quickly time went by. Bret and I both agree that every moment with Violet has been a gift and we love her more than words can say. Violet's most noteworthy characteristics became apparent early on. She is a happy and easy-going, and wears a big smile all day long. She is her Daddy's sunshine and her Momma's little buddy. Violet has a tender heart and bursts into tears whenever she hears the word "no," even when it is spoken in passing conversation and isn't directed to her! Violet used to say "bye bye" and wave her tiny wrist so cute, but now refuses to do it because she realizes that if she does, someone will leave her. Violet adores dogs, and is beginning to really like her baby dolls. While she is very stingy with giving kisses to her Mom and Dad, she freely shares them with any picture of a dog and all her stuffed dogs (she has several). Just this morning she learned how to feed her baby doll with its little bottle. She feeds the baby for a minute, and then tries to have a little sip herself! Violet is very much a "girly girl." She is obsessed with necklaces, more than the average baby, and is attracted to anything sparkly and pretty. It breaks my heart to see her changing so quickly and growing out of her babyhood, but I admit that each new day is more fun and exciting than the last because she is developing into an amazing little girl. Happy birthday, my love!

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